Share-IT engine exposes simple REST WebServices. 

Share-IT engine use profiles to compute ingest parameters such as ISIS workspace and path, 

Interplay folder, where assets will be created, Interplay asset display name, Interplay attributes...

When used in Web Services mode, the ingest parameters are computed according to the profile, but can be overwritten by equivalent parameters included in the JSON request sent to the Share-IT engine WebServices.

The only parameters that cannot be overwritten are the Interplay WebServices settings (Server address, login, Workgroup).

All connections with share-IT engine need to be authentified with Basic Auth protocol. User and password are defined in share-IT engine user interface

Submit a job

Url :
Input :
"woodyJob": {
           "application": "Ingest", 
           "version": "2.0",
           "source": {
                      "UNCPath": "//path_to_file_to_ingest.mov"
           "metadataFolder": "/interplay/target/folder"
           "profile": "Production",
           "MatteIngest" : true

"MatteIngest" and "metadataFolder" are not mandatory

"metadataFolder" is the Interplay target folder

Output :

"response": {
         "id": "1536584190258778",
         "status": "PENDING"

“id” : unique id for the job

Job monitoring

Url : https://{server_address}:20210/api/v2/jobs/{id }/status