Share-IT engine

To install Share-IT engine, we will need a server (preferred) or workstation, running Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Windows 2016, Windows 7 or Windows 10.

On this server, should also be installed:

  • Avid® ISIS/Nexis client
  • Avid® Interplay Access (not mandatory, but useful for troubleshooting

Share-IT engine must have access to Avid® Interplay Web Services. It is possible to install Avid® Interplay Web Services on the same server

To install Share-IT engine, you will need: 

  • 8 cores
  • 32 Go Ram
  • 250 SSD Go Hard Drive
  • GPU is not required (cpu computing only)
  • (A virtual machine is possible)

Share-IT client panel

The Share-IT panel communicates via Web services with:

  • Share-IT engine (port number: 20200,2020, 2021, 202
  • Avid® Interplay Web Service

The Share-IT client must be configured with write and read rights with a shared storage that is also accessible from Share-IT engin

The minimum version is Adobe® CC 2018 (Photoshop® CC, After Effects® CC, Media Encoder® CC).

Network infrastructure


The engine and the panels are exchanging data (temporary render files from Ae, Op1a rewrapped files for outgest) through shared folders on the network

This shared storage area must be visible from both Adobe workstations and Share-IT engine.

Adobe renders will be executed directly from this storage, as well as re-wrap tasks that are performed by Share-IT engine from MXF OpAtom to Op1a.


In order to check-in/out and read/write media, we will need the following accounts:

  • Windows account to run the Share-IT engine service, with appropriate rights on the shared storage for read / write of temporary file
  • An ISIS/Nexis account to read and write on the appropriate workspaces
  • An Avid® MediaCentral I Production Management account to allow browsing and to check content in the appropriate folders

Additional questions to prepare for the installation

  • Which format(s) do you intend to choose to manage the ingest on NEXIS (ISIS / Avid® MediaCentral I Production Management?
  • How many Share-IT clients do you intend to deploy ?
  • Are you running Adobe® CC on Windows or macOS ?
  • Which version of Adobe® CC is currently installed?
  • Is dynamic relink enabled on the editing workstations?
  • Will it be possible to setup a VPN access to Share-IT engine for support purposes?