Preparing your worker node

Installation planning

To install a Pulse-IT-3.0 worker node, you will need at least: 

  • Windows 64 bits, 

  • 16 Go de RAM, 

  • 4 cores

  • 250 Go SSD Hard Drive

  • Access to a shared production storage (R/W)


On each worker node, you will install the Embrace Agent, that will manage communication between Pulse-IT server and worker nodes.


Open the firewall on the following ports:

80                        http

443                      https

4369                    epmd, a peer discovery service used by RabbitMQ nodes and CLI tools

5672, 5671          used by AMQP 0-9-1 and 1.0 clients without and with TLS

Note: Ports should be opened in both ways

Python installation

First of all, install Python 3.7.9 64bit (An msi installer is available in the package folder of the worker node.

1 -  Don’t forget to add python.exe to your path by selecting the option in the installer.
2 - Check install for all users

Pywin installation

Install (An msi installer is available in the package folder of the agent installation package..



Worker node installation

IMPORTANT:   The Windows user name should not contain spaces.

 Preparing the install

  • Create an Embrace folder


  • Copy the agent installer file in it
   |---- ait_agent-3.0


Worker node configuration

Edit the agent.ini and change settings if needed.

   |---- ait_agent-3.0
        |---- ait_agent
              |---- conf
                    |---- agent.ini






Default value












C:\Program Files\Automate-IT\ait_agent-2.0\logs





 eMail sender configuration























Will be generated by install process

RabbitMQ Address







Will be generated by install process

Server address with protocol (http:// or https://



 Will be generated by install process

Pulse-IT user name used to connect to Pulse-IT



 Will be generated by install process

 Encoded password




 A unique name for this worker node.





Worker node installation

  • Open cmd.exe as an administrator and set current directory to the agent installation folder
  • Execute the script.

$ python --online



Setup script accepts several options:

--help : to display options help



This option is going to upgrade only the agent code without updating the python libraries


Online option will force the installer to download python libraries from Internet.

--domain, --username, --password

Let you set the credentials in order to make a silent installation 


Replace agent.ini file by the one in your installation folder.


This option will let you reenter the server address as well as username and password.



Let you reenter the password used by agent to connect to the server.


Checking the agent installation  

After installation, you should find 4 new services installed in your system.

AIT_Agent_xxx should have a status “Started”, or “Execution in progress”


You can check the Event Viewer/Windows log/Application.  Sources starting with AIT_AGENT_xxx should not generate errors.


!! Warning: First installation

If Embrace services are not started after installation:   

  • Right-click on one Embrace service
  • Click “Properties”
  • Choose the “Log on” tab
  • Re-enter the account credentials
  • Restart all Embrace Services.

In case of error during the process, please refer to the “Troubleshooting” section

Uninstalling the agent

  • Start CMD.exe as an administrator
  • Change directory to the agent update folder
$ cd C:\Users\<username>\Embrace\ait_agent-3.0
  • Uninstall the agent
$ python --uninstall


Checking Agent services status

  • Open “Services” app
  • Check if the 4 services named “AIT_Agent_xxx” are up and running.






Agent’s log checking

In the « Event Viewer »

  • Open the « Event Viewer » app
  • Select « Windows Logs » and « Application »
  • Agent’s logs are displayed using source « AIT_Agent_* »


In the agent’s logs

  • Agent’s logs files are located in the directory set in [paths]LOGS_DIR


In case of installation error

  • Check logs in « Event Viewer »
  • Check logs in installation log



Agents update


Updating the ag­­ent manually

To update and already installed agent : 

  • Copy the agent upgrade folder in the Embrace folder
  • Start CMD.exe as an administrator
  • Change directory to the agent update folder
  • Upgrade the agent
$ python --upgrade


Or proceed a silent update

$ python –upgrade --username <user> --password <pwd> [--domain <domain>]


Agent auto-update

Pulse-IT/Automate-IT lets you update the agent nodes software directly from the server interface.

Uploading an agent update

First of all, you need to upload an agent update zip package using the Administrate/Agents updates. 

You may select if update is going to be online (need an internet access) or offline (no internet connexion).

Deploying an agent update

To deploy an agent update on a list of nodes, go to Monitor/Nodes/Nodes list, select the nodes to update and click the Edit next upgrade button. Select the upgrade you want to apply and click Commit.

Update process will be executed when restarting the node instance.