Wasabi Cloud object storage has been validated for use with Pulse-IT / Automate-IT.

(Pulse-IT and Automate-IT share the same workflow engines/media connectors technologies)

All needed informations are available in the Wasabi console. (Region, Access key id, Secret access key)

Note that these configs examples discuss the use of Wasabi's EU Central 1 storage region.

To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article

There is 2 ways to interact with Wasabi :

  • inside Pulse-IT workflow with S3 tasks
  • with Media Selector inside Forms

S3 tasks configuration

To use S3 task with Wasabi, you just have to add a key inside the "Resource" sub-menu :

name : 


value :


All other parameters are the same as a standard S3 configuration.

Media Selector configuration

To create a Wasabi media connector, you need to :

- select Amazon S3 as connector type

- edit credential and add a line in resource option sub-menu

Key :


Python value :


Now you can add a Wasabi media connector in Forms and allow users simply browse and select a media in a Wasabi bucket :