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FFMPEG is a very popular piece of software used to manipulate clips. A version of FFMPEG is automatically provided with Pulse-IT or Automate-IT in order, for example to create proxy files, transcode or scale clips.

Using a FFMPEG Task

FFMPEG task settings

local_file_path = source file local path

proxy_path = path where the proxy file will be saved

'"C:\\Program Files\\ffmpeg\\ffmpeg.exe" -y -i "{0}" -crf 25 -preset medium -pix_fmt yuv420p "{1}" '.format( local_file_path , proxy_path)

Command parameters

"C:\\Program Files\\ffmpeg\\ffmpeg.exe"path to ffmpeg program
-yreplace output file is it already exists
-i "{0}"input file i.e. local_file_path
-pix_fmt yuv420pApple Quicktime support
"{1}"output path

Using another transcoder

You may use Adobe Media encoder to create proxies. Found how with this article: Creating proxy with Media Encoder

Sample Workflow

Download and import the following workflow as a sample.

Other resources

To find your way into the enormous amount of ffpmpeg options, this small tool may help you.