You may have source file using proprietary codecs that are not managed by FFMPEG. In order to build validation proxies you may want to use Adobe Media Encoder.

Installing Media Encoder

This is out of the scope of this Tech note. Please refer to Adobe documentation.

Installing AME Pulse-IT agent

For each Agent, copy and double-click on Embrace AME_local_Agent.msi  file and follow the instructions

AME Pulse-IT agent commands available

The AME Pulse-IT agent publish 2 web services command: Transcode and Get Job Info.

The Transcode command

POST Method

URL: 'localhost:8007'




source path to the file to transcode
AME_preset_pathPath to the transcode definition preset
output_pathDestination for the transcoded file

Callback on_success

AME_job_data = response

The GetJobInfos command

GET Method

URL: 'localhost:8007'

        "jobID" : AME_job_data["jobID"]
jobIDID of the transcode job to monitor

Sample workflow

This sample workflow demonstrates the use of AME as an external transcoder.

Using another transcoder

You may use FFMPEG encoder to create proxies. Found how with this article: Creating proxy using FFMPEG