What is the purpose of a connector

A connector an object pointing to a resource and which will manage the path to access it. The first use of Connectors is a Media selector which will allow you to browse a remote location (Directory, share directory, S3 directory,….) without having to even mount the volume on the client side.


By using path mappings, it will allow you to transform path from Linux to windows.




Where is system_media_selector connector used for ?

 Pulse-IT allow you to insert image in several places to improve the readability and the User experience.


  • Sequence template image
  • Worlkflow template image
  • Form header image
  • Start sequence view
  • Radio buttons image
  • CSS Background image


Those images can be selected from a specific connector call system_media_selector.


The default location for system_media_selector is /opt/resources. This is where you can upload graphics you wish to use in your forms.  This is a place where your resources will be preserved in case of software update.