A watch folder is a system that checks a folder and trigger a workflow if a file is dropped in. Its a very simple way to integrate you app with other systems. To build such a system you need two components: a way to scan a folder and a way to check this folder on a regular basis.

This sample will scan the 'ingest_in_pulse_it' folder.

Using "Folder scan" task

This workflow will scan files in a folder and will move every file found into the done sub-folder. The path are defined in the start task callbacks tab, you can edit them to match your own installation.

Folder scan task

You simple have to set the input folder to the value of scan_path

Scheduling your workflow

This workflow will be executed  every 5 minutes, so add a schedule, select the workflow and set the interval to every(5).minutes.

Now, any file put in your input folder will be moved to the done folder.

Sample Workflow